C-Tower is the most powerful end-to-end visibility and analytical tool ever created for the transport industry. It gives BCOs the ability to optimize their global supply chain and have true visibility into their shipments and warehouse inventory.

C-Tower gives BCOs control over their relationships with their LSPs. BCOs will no longer be reliant on their LSPs to provide visibility functions. Instead a BCO can connect all their LSPs to the C-Tower (through C-Bridge) and can easily integrate a new LSP if they choose to.

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C-Tower includes the following features for BCOs:

  • Transport Management System (TMS)
  • Integration of all your logistics service providers
  • Inventory
  • A systematic and statistical way to effectively cover supply chain risks
  • An ability to make informed tradeoffs between service targets and inventory levels to maximize corporate performance
  • Improved inventory turns
  • Reduced inventory holding costs
  • Consistently achieved customer service targets
  • Identify, evaluate and act on business conditions
  • Make managing the supply chain (and related functions) a competitive advantage by:
    • Increasing customer service
    • Reducing corporate risks
    • Improving financial and operations performance
  • Exception-based notifications that alert you to changing demand and supply conditions and their potential impact on your business. In addition to alerting you to an incident, the C-Tower lets you understand:
    • Context, impact and next steps

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