Creating opportunity through technologies

Centrolene Solutions is a company dedicated to technological innovation in the logistics and supply chain management (SCM) industries. We offer the best in class suite of products for shippers and MNCs that want and need more from their technology.

An information revolution is taking place and companies are demanding greater visibility, more sophisticated analytics and the ability to make better and faster decisions.

That’s why Centrolene Solutions created the C-Suite – the world’s first fully integrated software solution for logistics and SCM companies. Each solution has been developed by experienced industry professionals who know the unique requirements of our industry.

Other software solutions fall short because they try to service multiple industries or are adapted from one industry to another. The C-Suite has been created from the ground up to meet the needs of logistics and SCM professionals. It is technology that works because it has been designed without compromise.

By placing the Centrolene C-Suite at the heart of your business, you will power-up your company’s productivity and profitability and gain competitive advantage on your competition.

alexAlex Ruf
Chief Executive Officer

Who is Centrolene?

Centrolene Solutions is the owner, developer and marketer of the C-Suite – the world’s first fully integrated software solution for the logistics industry.

Centrolene is a company dedicated to technological innovation in the logistics industry. Centrolene is changing the way the industry operates by developing a complete ecosystem of technology solutions that small and mid-sized companies use to outperform their multinational competition.

Centrolene Network is a membership based organization that brings together ambitious freight forwarders with a commitment to innovation, efficiency and growth. By deploying the C-Suite across the Centrolene Network, each member effectively transforms itself from a local player to a global one, with the ability to offer a standard of service and visibility that outperforms larger industry players. Click here to find out more about Centrolene Network.


To change the way business leaders make decisions by giving them more and better strategic information through cutting edge technology.


We believe we can be a force for change in the logistics and supply chain management world by pushing the limits of what technology can do. Our goal is to provide the information and analytical power that companies need in every aspect of their business.



“The supply chain industry is changing.
Customers, rates and partnerships are changing. Companies that stay ahead of changes will succeed while those that fall behind will fail. Centrolene puts you ahead of the game, so you set the standard that
others must follow.

 Ulli Wrieden
Chief Operating Officer

“Technology has revolutionised freight forwarding. What was once a value-added service is now considered the requirement. Combining efficient transportation with cutting-edge technology is easy with Centrolene. And the companies that embrace this technology today will be the winners tomorrow.”

Roberto Trebisonda
Chief Commercial Officer


“We see a future where distance is unimportant and borders are irrelevant. Barriers are removed and partnerships are formed. We see one global community of professionals coming together to share knowledge and resources to benefit each other. And it is technology that makes this future possible.”

Heiko Wenglewski-Wrieden
Chief Technology Officer

Management Team

frearTim Frear
Director – Global Network

loreal Loreal Lim
Director – Asia Pacific

annaAnna Neo
Marketing Communications Director

Centrolene’s Corporate Sustainability

Centrolene is committed to being a world-class global network leader in corporate sustainability. Centrolene operates in a socially and environmentally responsible manner through protecting the environment, health, and safety of our employees, customers, members, partners and stakeholders.