The Customer Freight Portal welcome you to the DIGITAL FREIGHT FORWARDING world.

As shippers press on with their demand for speed, transparency, and efficiency, the freight forwarding industry strives hard to find a quick enough and appropriate response. The solution to this equation lies before our eyes: TECHNOLOGY!

The Customer Freight Portal is a bespoke system that enables you, the freight forwarder to provide digital services to your customers.

Your customers are able to have instant reply on Requests, price comparison and analyze, booking and reporting, all in real-time.

You will be servicing your customers 24X7, no time difference, no down time. Your customers can receive your instant quotation and book their shipment online through The Customer Freight Portal.

Digital Freight Portal

The benefits of The Customer Freight Portal include:

  • A private, secure website that enables you and your customers to log on to enter rate request, lookup quotations, booking confirmations, invoices, product, order information, calendars, chat functionality, contacts, etc.
  • All quotations are managed within a safe and efficient environment where you and your customers have access 24X7, without extending your official operating hours.
  • CONVENIENCE is what you are providing to your customers. Your customers just need to know your website address to access to a centralized online portal for up-to-date information.
  • Collaborating with your overseas partners by having them to input their rates directly to the online portal to cut down your cost and administration time.
  • Create and send quotations directly from online customer portal to your customers to reduce administration works.
  • Standardized quotation format with your corporate identity, rates validity, standard terms & conditions, etc.
  • Drive traffic towards your website, thus getting more views, resulting in higher ranking in different search engines.

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