C-Quote is a pricing tool that increases efficiency, streamlines workflow and optimizes the way BCOs manage quotes from their LSPs.

It eliminates the manual work of entering pricing data into spreadsheets to compare rates and stops the time consuming process of managing hundreds of pricing emails from companies around the world.

C-Quote remembers which LSP to contact if you need a quote, speeding up the pricing process. If your LSP has entered their rates then your quote will be available instantly.

Use C-Quote to create a historical record of your company’s pricing decisions so you can analyze your company’s performance and improve your sales and procurement effectiveness.

With C-Quote’s reporting and analytical functions, your product and procurement people will have the information they need to make better decisions that help grow your business.

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The benefits of C-Quote include:

  • Faster turn-around on rate requests
  • Complete visibility of the status of quotes
  • Eliminating manual data entry and comparisons
  • Higher profitability through benchmarking and access to historical rates
  • High volume and expiration alerts
  • Analytics such as hit ratios and mark-up intelligence


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